April 4, 2014



.”Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott

Nothing like it and instantly recognized, Scott, Blade Runner

April 4, 2014



Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee

In the course of his personal development, Fassbinder repeatedly broke with people who had become dependent of him - and on whose dependency he himself had become dependent! This must often have seemed unjust and brutal. And he knew only too well that independence alone does not make for happiness. It was no accident that one of his favourite songs was Janis Joplin’s version of ‘Me and Bobby McGee’ with the bittersweet refrain ‘Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose’. He used it in both Berlin Alexanderplatz and Theatre in a Trance. The song was played over Fassbinder’s coffin; if his higly complicated and contradictory life could be summed up in a single sentence, this one would be fairly accurate.

Fassbinder in one of the most fascinating directors there are (you can see his work, he’s dead).  To see his work is to be washed in the art of filmmaking.

April 4, 2014



morning/afternoon routine



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April 2, 2014

David Lynch | By: Alasdair McLellan | GQ Style UK’s FW 2013 

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March 27, 2014
You know, Monica Vitti.
Oh, my gosh!!

You know, Monica Vitti.

Oh, my gosh!!

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March 27, 2014
Love this face.  Reminds me of Monica Vitti, well, Monica Vitti’s face.

Love this face.  Reminds me of Monica Vitti, well, Monica Vitti’s face.

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March 23, 2014
Audrey Tautou | The Talks

What about acting?

Actors interpret. You can’t compare acting with another form of art. I wouldn’t say acting is an art but film as a whole is.”

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March 15, 2014

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March 15, 2014
Stefan Zweig, Wes Anderson, and Longing for the Past

gotta read it

March 14, 2014
Article: Neil Young on Pono, His New Album and Using LPs as Roof Shingles | Rollingstone.com


March 13, 2014

“8 Ephemera

‘Your eyes that once were never weary of mine
Are bowed in sorrow under pendulous lids,
Because our love is waning.’
And then she:
‘Although our love is waning, let us stand
By the lone border of the lake once more,
Together in that hour of gentleness
When the poor tired child, Passion, falls asleep:
How far away the stars seem, and how far
Is our first kiss, and ah, how old my heart!’
Pensive they paced along the faded leaves,
While slowly he whose hand held hers replied:
‘Passion has often worn our wandering hearts.’
The woods were round them, and the yellow leaves
Fell like faint meteors in the gloom, and once
A rabbit old and lame limped down the path;
Autumn was over him: and now they stood
On the lone border of the lake once more:
Turning, he saw that she had thrust dead leaves
Gathered in silence, dewy as her eyes,
In bosom and hair.
‘Ah, do not mourn,’ he said,
‘That we are tired, for other loves await us;
Hate on and love through unrepining hours.
Before us lies eternity; our souls
Are love, and a continual farewell.”

Excerpt From: William Butler Yeats. “COLLECTED POEMS OF W.B. YEATS”

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